Örnatorpet returns

Jan 11 2019

Örnatorpet's new album "Hymner från Snökulla" is now released. Your perfect winter companion, outdoors as well as indoors. Available as limited CD Digipack (300 copies) and digital.

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It takes only a brief immersion in the heady synth-led beauty carved out by Örnatorpet on "Hymner Från Snökulla" to reveal the reason why such dungeon synth epics are so perfect for the onset of winter. As the dark nights draw ever nearer and the cold winds blow their mournful eyries one’s life becomes more introspective. Longer are those spells curled up, perhaps by the fire, lost in a literary world as you read into the night; longer can the mind be free to wander and stronger is the urge to cross over to fantastical worlds carved in sonic beauty by minds like the Swede of Örnatorpet.