Out now: Bhleg - Draumr Ást, LP

Jan 13 2022

Earlier this week, we announced the upcoming Bhleg record, “Fäghring” - the fourth and closing part of their album tetralogy “Ár”. The idea which sparked this work came from a shared experience of altered states of consciousness, undertaken in the early winter of 2013 during the recording of Bhleg’s debut album, “Draumr ást”. As of today, “Draumr ást” is available on vinyl for the first time.

Swedish folk metal duo Bhleg is one of our longest-running artist collaborations, and their forest-scented sound has since become synonymous with Nordvis. “Draumr Ást” is strongly reminiscent of the gloomy woodland spirit of Ulver’s “Bergtatt”, but also shows traces of the predatory ferociousness found in “Nattens madrigal”. The hypnotic monotony permeating both the metal and ambient parts speak of a clear Burzum influence, and the mesmerising guitar tone weaves together a dreamlike, sonic tapestry which is occasionally enhanced by shamanic percussion.