Out now: Noitila - "Langennut"

Oct 20 2023

Out now: Noitila – “Langennut”

In the remote forests of north-eastern Finland, a primal force has been unleashed. Noitila, translated roughly as ‘Witches’ Bay’, resonates with the ancient echoes of a sacred land where worlds and energies intersect.

Conceived and recorded in a family cabin, employing minimalist equipment and instruments, “Langennut” captures an authenticity that is as powerful as it is pure. The band used an old leather chair as a bass drum, recorded acoustic guitars in the open forest, and wrote lyrics through psychography. No metronome, three microphones, and a passion for the ancient sounds of Ildjarn, Ulver, Isengard, Bathory, Satyricon, Tulus, and Beherit – this is black metal distilled to its essence. Primitive, soulful, and unfiltered.

Noitila’s music is an invocation of darkness, devil worship, death adulation, and ancient Finnish folk magic. “Langennut” (‘Fallen into the Chasm’) is a concept from Finnish folklore: a portal between reality and the realm of death, a bridge to places hidden beneath earth and water, tied to timeless magic and sexual mysticism. As such, the record was forged in a place where black metal is not just a musical genre but a spiritual channelling. “Langennut” is an offering from a band not defined by its influences but shaped by its environment, background, and primal connection to something beyond our understanding.

Noitila commented:

The inherent contrast in nature’s stark and perilous beauty has undoubtedly seeped into our music, bestowing upon it a kind of nature-romantic dimension. When we congregate in the cabin, our backdrop is a breathtaking view of forests, a lake, more forests, and distant mountains. Should one’s focus waver, a mere look outdoors restores the flow of inspiration. In the stillness of night, as the moon etches its trail over the lake, the veil between worlds is thin. A time for reflection and drawing in energies. Departures from Noitila are never without gain – yet with every visit, there’s a part of oneself left behind. A worthy price to pay.


1. Kylvemme sateessa enkelten veren (‘We bathe in the rain of angels' blood’)
2. Kadotuksen liekki (‘The flame of damnation’)
3. Noitilaan (‘To Noitila’)
4. Langennut (Fallen)
5. Ikuisuuteen tuomittu (‘Doomed to eternity’)
6. Ruumis (‘Corpse’)
7. Tähtien takaa (‘From beyond the stars’)

Release date: October 20, 2023
Format: CD, Digital

Purchase link: https://nordvis.lnk.to/NVP166

Noitila: https://www.nordvis.com/noitila-a-57