PANOPTICON | Two new releases in June

May 29 2019

Two releases coming up from PANOPTICON in June. One being the new EP "The Crescendo of Dusk" and the other a vinyl re-issue of the classic "Social Disservices". 

"The Crescendo of Dusk" will only be available on vinyl and digitally via Panopticon's own Bandcamp page. 

Featuring two unreleased songs that were created throughout different era's of Panopticon's discography, "The Crescendo of Dusk" demonstrates the diversity and embattled emotions that lurk at the heart of Austin's musical journey and creativity. From the raging speed and gut wrenching attack of the title track, to the melancholic acoustic passage “The Labyrinth”, varying genres collide, weigh heavy on the listener like 5 years of unrelenting woe and once again demonstrate just how powerful it is when different musical styles co-exist and grow. And the truth of the matter is.... Panopticon does indeed continue to grow and develop musically, as does the creator of this wonderful music. Thankfully, we have all been welcomed along for the ride.

Social Disservices is quite possibly Austin Lunn's most scathing and pained album to date. Sonically, in performance/execution and of course in the very content lyrically, every nuance of this album screams with the agonizing reality of mental health issues and the often broken inner workings of the institution born to try and quell the folks afflicted with such disorders. The very discussion of such institutions is a lot to take and Austin has so skillfully reflected these horrors through the 4 tracks of this punishing and gut wrenching album. With blazing speed, the ruptured and twisted vocal style of Austin leading the charge, Social Disservices gives the listener a bleak yet masterful glimpse into a subject that most are fortunate enough to never have to, or just plain don't want to discuss/face.

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