Pettersson & Fredriksson

Pettersson & Fredriksson is a Swedish folk music duo that has been making music together since their high school days. The project consists of renowned keyed fiddler Daniel Pettersson and Daniel Fredriksson, who plays the Nordic mandola and lute. Their unique blend of original compositions and traditional music from Västerbotten is showcased on the three Pettersson & Fredriksson albums “Brand” (2002), “Virek” (2004), and “Sotali” (2010). ‌‌

The duo has performed at numerous folk music festivals and venues throughout Europe, including TFF Rudolstad and Førde International Folk Music Festival. From 2009 to 2011, they worked on the folk horror performance Getaren on behalf of Västerbottensteatern. In 2015, they invited percussionist Magnus Lundmark to join them in a trio called Sotali. Ever since, Magnus's tasteful and minimalist percussion has added a new dimension to Pettersson & Fredriksson's characteristic blend of folkish energy and soothing tranquillity.