Sons of Crom

SONS OF CROM is our humble vessel, embarking on a never-ending quest for strength and honour, for epic adventure, and for the things that lie beyond our earthly realm. In spirit as in flesh, we strive for ascension, and this is our mountain to climb. With unbridled passion we explore the world of heavy metal in as honest a manner as humanly possible, contemplating the shadow self behind our mortal shell. Just as mind and matter are multi-faceted, so too is our craft – beasts are meant to roam the lands free, unfettered and unshackled. What the future holds is veiled in mist, but on one thing we can depend – Crom will shun us all for eternity. Let us clench our fists in defiance, and charge into the unknown, swords held high! For Cimmeria!

//Janne & Iiro, SONS OF CROM