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Spíra out now!

Sep 21 2018

Draugurinn’s special and exclusive release “Spíra” is now available. ”Spíra” comes in a beautiful A5 sized digipack packaging with custom art by the artist herself. The release is limited to 300 copies and will not be re-pressed. Get your copy today!


During the winter of 2017 Erik Gärdefors of GRIFT invited DRAUGURINN to perform at his special and unique harvest fest TREDINGSRITEN in Hällekis, Sweden on August 4th 2018. Inspired by the harvest theme, the circles of life and death and - as always - the forces of Nature, DRAUGURINN created an exclusive live ritual for this occasion only. With percussion and meditative chanting, the four songs invites the listener through birth, life and death. ”Spíra” will take you on a journey along the circle of life. Transcend into ”Spíra” and ride the circle of life through the eyes of DRAUGURINN.  

I góðri jörð hvílir barnið.
Þar til eldur og vatn vekur það.
Þá slær hún rætur, dafnar vel, þroskast, vex og verður stór.
Seinna sofnar hún aftur, virðist hverfa en finnst þrátt fyrir það að eilífu með forfeðrum sínum.