Leverans information sommaren 2021

Vårt lager kommer vara till stor del obemannat från och med 24 Juni till 20 Augusti. Beställningar är välkomna under denna period men kommer skeppas ut max 1 gång i veckan.

Nu kommer en tid för att samla kraft och vi ser fram emot att presentera många intressanta nyheter inför hösten. Vi önskar er alla en trevlig sommar!


Hågkomster Från Nordliga Nejder (Memories from northly wastelands, 2004) was the birth of Lönndom and reflected our tribute to our majestic nature in a more primitive way. At least for individuals from the outside. However, as time passed by we realized that our development urged us to interpret nature through tunes and words in a more open-minded way. Fälen Från Norr (Traces in the north, 2006) was a kind of a huge step against that path, in our minds at least. Lönndom contains a huge mix of thoughts from the past along with thoughts of today. We subdue relatively simple forms when performing our music and notes, pretentious musical terms has spared our minds. Enjoyment comes through feeling and not through quality.

As it seems Lönndom will use various elements to build it’s future musical releases and will not only work with one genre. We wish to capture as much as possible through different ways so that we can deliver a honest picture of what our nature actually holds in her arms.