The Finnish mystics of Tervahäät have been working together with ritualistic folk and ambient music since 2008. Their style varies from calm folk ballads to strumming noble neofolk, and from freezing ritual music atmospheres to rough industrial music. Broad range of instrumentation is equally wide-ranged as the various styles of vocals, they use warm and deep lullaby styles, powerful clean folksongs, freezing blackened shrieks and otherwordly voices and spoken words reeking of death.

The usual folk/neofolk instrumentation of guitars, basses and percussions are accompanied by various home-made stringed instruments and banjo, self-built percussions, old school effect machines, synthesizers and field recordings. Tervahäät have made four full length album, which vary from wintry ambient and industrial landscapes to ritual folk and neofolk. The sounds and songs of the band are forged deep in the old countryside of Finnish Savonia – a region filled with history and significant spiritual importance to all band members. Tervahäät harvest their art from murky swamps, deep forests, ancient lakes, old abandoned buildings and narrow paths. The presence of genuine ritual and the channeling of the spirits of the ancestors is strongly present in all art of Tervahäät.