Delivery information – summer 2022:
From June 17 until August 26, the Nordvis warehouse will be largely unmanned. You are most welcome to place orders during this time, but please bear in mind that outgoing parcels will only be shipped once per week at the most.
This is a time to rejuvenate and gather strength. Rest assured that we have before us a very interesting autumn. We wish all of our followers a fantastic summer!


Solo project of Encircling Sea’s R. Allen, Vaiya, was founded for the express purpose of channelling ritual energy through music. Where Encircling Sea is focussed on the positive and physical aspects of spiritual change, conversely, Vaiya is the symbolic other, concentrated in darkness and turmoil. The music, in both creation and performance, is used as a vehicle for awakening and transcendence in the metaphysical chaos and endeavours toward an enlightened physicality. Vaiya encompasses ritual as an instrument of personal development, to deeper understand the self and exceed the delusion of modernity. To find the true path, buried deep within the blood memory, which will illuminate the ultimate conclusion of existence. Influenced deeply by the Indo-European spiritual traditions in Nordic mythology, especially and specifically the spiritual power of the Runes, and the ancient Vedic texts, filtered through Black Metal and Folk, Vaiya is nothing new. Ultimately, it is something ancient and timeless. Not meant for broad understanding, Vaiya is a journey outwards, from darkness toward the light that remains, free of shadows and void of confusion.