Vėlių Namai

Oct 11 2022

We are proud to welcome Lithuanian ritualistic dark-folk project Vėlių Namai into the Nordvis fold. Their fourth album, “Alkai”, will be released on January 20, 2023. It serves as an open invitation to experience the mystical world of the Baltics - to feel the sacredness of its ancient past.

More information to follow.

Vėlių Namai at Nordvis:

Band leader Julius Mitė commented:

Right from the beginning of finding out about Nordvis, I had a deep and internal feeling that I found the perfect match for our music. Nordvis is the right label as it shares similar values to Vėlių Namai. It appreciates melancholic landscapes and truly respects nature. Moreover, Nordvis takes great care to represent the artists’ perspective, which is very important to the project. Finally, we are honoured and humbled to be part of a label that has such distinguished artists as Forndom, Lustre, Grift, Blood and Sun, and many others.