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Artist: Grift & Saiva
Title: Skarprättaren & Sjiedvárre
Release date: 30.01.2015
Format: 10" Vinyl single
Cat #: NVP024

The coming of winter is marked by the return of GRIFT and SAIVA bringing us a 10" split filled to the brim with rural melancholy.

Where SAIVA bring us a musical interpretation of the Swedish Lappmark that stands as a celebration to those who endure the harsh and desolate northern wilderness, GRIFT in turn, from the southern part of Sweden, will put us in a sense of living in a foregone time that no longer exists but which lives on through old traditions and stories.

This collaboration most definitely carries the sign of the ever-prevalent Swedish gloom.

Sida Syd: Grift - Skarprättaren
Sida Nord: Saiva - Sjiedvárre

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