LUSTRE – A Glimpse of Glory, LP

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Re-release of Swedish Lustre’s second album ”A Glimpse of Glory”. Limited edition coloured vinyl. White & grey with black splatter.

Long-since sold out and highly sought after - this classic is being treated to a proper packaging. The new cover artwork comes courtesy of Joan Llopis Doménech, the Valencian illustrator who made the amazing piece that adorns the “Night Spirit” re-issue from 2021.

Lustre is one of Nordvis’ oldest and still-running collaborations. We discovered this band with “Night Spirit”, and so had high expectations when “A Glimpse of Glory” came out in 2010. For anyone who appreciated the debut, this was a treat. Filled to the brim with the same atmosphere-driven lo-fi black metal as the first: the sound which has now become characteristic for Lustre. Majestic soundscapes built on hypnosis-inducing repetition, tastefully curated with various theatrical elements in the form of nature samples.


1. This Mighty Sight
2. Lunar Light
3. Amongst the Trees


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