MOSAIC – Secret Ambrosian Fire, LP

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180g black vinyl in solid sleeve with insert, poster, and download.

Eisenwald info: 

With their debut full-length album, MOSAIC explore the sacred traditions of their Thuringian homelands, reinvigorating myths and legends which are as ancient as the mountains they stem from.

Widely known for their daring, shapeshifting approach to creating music, MOSAIC now go a step further to create an album that is ultimately uncompromising. Reduced song structures leave space for the atmosphere to unfold, and every single song is allowed to bloom in its unique manner. 

SECRET AMBROSIAN FIRE is an offering of experimental ambient soundscapes, traditional motifs and bewitching incantations, shaken by eruptions of masterfully crafted black metal. 

Recorded at House of Inkantation MMXIII – MMXIX - Gotha. 

Mixed and Mastered by Markus Stock at Klangschmiede Studio E | September MMXIX. 


Carolin van Valkenstijn: Vocals
Amalia van Valkenstijn: Vocals
D.E.: Drums & Percussion (Werian)
Heemann: Drums & Percussion (Ex-Secrets of the Moon)
Erik Gärdefors: Harmonium, Percussion, Vocals (Grift)
R.: Soundscapes (Apoptose)
Katrin Rohde: Bratsche, Geige (Hel, Bald Anders)
Iskaremus: Bass (Infaust)
Leshiyas: Bass (Vivus Humare)
E.H.: Bells (Wolfhetan)
Sulphur: Lead Guitar
Sean „Deth“ Kratz: Vocals (Osi and the Jupiter)
Corvin: Vocals (Nihil Nihil)
T.P. : Nordic Lur (Ex-Farsot)
Schwadorf: Spoken Introductions (Empyrium, Sun of the Sleepless) [Vinyl Edition]

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