Welcome Sons of Crom

Jan 8 2017

We're delighted to announce the alliance between Nordvis and the Haparanda northerners Sons of Crom! This new collaboration is something we definitely look forward to, especially because of the common roots, being neighbors in a wild Swedish North and the fact that their way of creating Epic Heavy Metal will add another dimension to this family. After their amazing debut “Riddle of Steel” we now look forward to adventure onwards on the path towards their upcoming craft that will be released late spring/early summer.

And as many times before we and Sons of Crom will be working with our US family over at Bindrune Recordings for the North American territory.

A few words by Sons of Crom regarding this new alliance:

With profound and whole-hearted excitement we announce the next chapter in the legacy and journey of Sons of Crom. A new coalition of Nordic forces will defy Hel itself as Nordvis, our new label and brother-in-arms, joins our heathen cause, guiding our black ship through restless seas of death and resurrection, leaving no haven safe.

Nordvis was our first choice upon setting sail towards new horizons, our views on all things of import correlating tremendously. With great releases by great bands for many years, Nordvis has demonstrated a high level of quality, and we eagerly await to unleash the next beast upon the world. In Northern spirit this alliance is wrought, forged in fire and ice. Crom!

Sons of Crom: